10 reasons why Cambridge is beautiful in the winter too!

By Oxbridge Tours - Posted on 06 December 2014


1. You won't find a frosty welcome, if you do it'll look like this!

(In December 1947 Cambridge recorded a record snowfall of 72cm!)



2. If you fancy a swim the water's always enticing...
in appearance at least

(In 1947 the great flood raised the level of the River Cam around 3 feet, the flood mark can still be seen on Kitchen Bridge, St Johns College)



3. The fog falls just right for a seriously spooky Ghost Tour!

(You can book tickets to the Oxbridge Tours Cambridge Ghost Tour online, find out a little more here!)



4. It might be cold, but grey? No. This place never has a dull moment:

(The stunning Botanical Garden was created in 1831 by no less than Charles Darwin's mentor John Henslow - you can keep warm in the Tropical Green Houses, or explore the stepping stones across the pond.. at your own risk, naturally)



5. Cambridge is a city of swerving cycles; you have to keep your eyes open - So a little ice isn't always a bad thing when students leave the bikes at home

(In 1963 the river Cam froze with a layer of ice so thick many people took the their skates - some reaching as far as Ely!)

In more recent years, the Cam has frozen again and the birds have been finding their feet instead: Click here for a Video of birds enjoying the frozen Cam, to a bit of smooth jazz!



6. If you're ever short of inspiration to get out there and be active just know, the Rowers were up at 5am and out on the water!

We all need a little inspiration sometimes, so here's another... brrr!
(Where's Wally fans will no doubt have spotted the talented and almost unmistakeable fellow himself in seat number two!)



7. College Choirs can be heard through the stained glass windows all over the city, tuning up for Christmas Services

(Kings College Choir have performed every Christmas for over 500 years! During the Second World War, all of the glass was removed to protect it from bombs - It was cold and windy, but not enough to dampen spirits! St Johns is pictured above)



8. Cambridge has less rainfall than nearly any other part of the UK - You can always look forward to a clear sky at night

(Cardiff and Glasgow take the trophy for the soggiest cities, seeing over 110cm of rain each year - Cambridge and Essex are the driest, followed surprisingly by part of North Yorkshire!)



9. Provided you can handle the twisting stone stair cases, college roof tops make the perfect vantage point

(We would recommend a visit to St Mary's after your Cambridge Walking Tour, there are 123-steps to contend with, but the view from the top will speak for itself - This one is shot from St Johns)



10. Take the challenge - Turn down any corner in Cambridge, and try not to be amazed! (make it even harder for yourself with one of our guides to pick the best bits for you)

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