The Worlds Most Impressive Snow Sculptures

By Oxbridge Tours - Posted on 02 January 2015

You're building a snowman: Add a few touches here and there, why not? One thing leads to another - Here's our rundown of the worlds most impressive works of ice!!



1. We start slow in Oxford, but things soon pick up
(The annual rise of the Martyrs memorial mercenaries is something to keep an eye out for)


2. We can't Beelieve it! (there's no excuse for that, but sometimes you hive to)


3. Finalnd's modern art entry to the International Snow Sculpture Championships



4. Here's Icelands entry - We would say things were hotting up, but thats not exactly true
(It wasn't easy to leave it spelt exactly like that, but we have, for you)


5. A moment imagining the arm : head proportions here extended for a full body Michael Jackson is a moment well spent


6. It's the Harbin Snow festival. Hello guys, hi, hello!



7. Tip: If you get your tongue stuck to a pole (or flute) in cold weather, warm the pole by cupping it with your hands and breathing steadily on it


8. We'll save this pun away for another day, and just say it's crazy!



9. Well it's fair to say we're having a Lion of a time avoding these puns


10. Here's something a little more atreevable for the rest of us


11. If you live near students of any kind, then this probably isn't the first large Snow-Pianist you've seen... I doubt it'll be the last either!


12. Where's Horses?


13. Nobody say "Meteolojinx Recanto!", or at least nobody with a wand, Harry


14. Here is the Whale we misnamed earlier beside an impressive Davy Jones


15. Finally, any art fans out there may be able to recognise this last one

We saved some of the most impressive ones for the second page:

If you'd like to see some of the most impressive that we couldn't fit into this post, just click on the image above.

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